Will no one think of the polar bears? Not so frequent flyer Derrick May gets a plaque from Delta Airlines as he joins the five million mile club…

Let’s face facts here. There are quite a few DJs in dance music’s higher echelons who care about no one or thing but themselves. In a way, we don’t totally blame them – when you’ve spent sometimes decades being facilitated and constantly having your own way, you’re inevitably going to develop something of an attitude.

They certainly don’t lose any sleep thinking about how their job affects the environment. Case in point – two years ago, a report revealed the identities of the most gas-guzzling DJs in the dance music world. Louie Vega and Derrick Carter featured highly on the list – neither ever felt the need to respond to the criticism they received, even from the normally spineless dance music press.

One person likely to care even less about the future of polar bears – who face a real likelihood of extinction before this century ends – is Derrick May. The occasional 60-year old DJ from Detroit doesn’t do as much travelling as he used to – failing to meaningfully respond to accusations of sexual abuse from at least twenty women seems to have that effect – but all those air miles over the years have been duly noted.

Why? Because a few days ago, Delta Airlines sent him this plaque – their curious way of thanking their most regular customers – to celebrate his arrival in the five million mile club. May has been proudly parading it on social media – and blocking us hasn’t exactly stopped us finding out…

This isn’t Derrick May’s first time in the mile high club, of course – or the five million high mile club, in this case. A source in Detroit who has known May for decades reveals that “Derrick used to boast about having sex on planes during the 90s. I don’t know how much of what he said was true, but he loved the phrase mile high club. I can’t see him doing anything like that now, though.”.

That said, we understand May is due to spend some time in Europe this month – apparently, as part of his bizarre comeback tour. Ears To The House understands that it’s not going as well as May had hoped – with a source telling us he feels “frustrated and disappointed” with the situation. Someone pass us the world’s smallest violin…

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