Are you sending out a subliminal message, Mr Dunmore? Former Defected boss celebrates end of DJ career – by sitting on a floor strewn with confetti and rubbish…

The old adage says that a picture says a thousand words. Here at Ears To The House, we believe this is somewhat clichéd, but more often than not, it’s also true. Hence why, for example, we weren’t entirely gentle with our ribbing of Danny Tenaglia when he did a promo video for his socials a while ago – accompanied by his massive trunk.

Which we publish again below in its entire glory.

Anyway, another person who understands the power of photography is Simon Dunmore, the former Defected chief who was ousted last year following a management buyout instigated by new empire boss Wez Saunders. From Defected’s early days of hosting events at London’s Ministry of Sound – the label provided Dunmore with £250k to set up Defected – he has grasped that a great picture can do more than any number of words could.

It’s something which serves Defected well to this day. Their socials are filled with pictures from their burgeoning events business, and are used to sell everything from tickets to future events all the way down to new releases on the label. But is Simon Dunmore beginning to forget this important lesson?

We only ask this question, because he posted a photo taken of him after finishing his recent Printworks London set – sitting on a crate presumably full of vinyl, plonked down on a floor absolutely strewn with white confetti and various pieces of rubbish from clubbers evidently unfamiliar with the concept of a bin…

Simon Dunmore is, of course, entirely right to be proud of what he’s achieved in his life. Ears To The House considers him to be one of the last big beasts of house music – no other label does anything close to what Defected does. And let’s not forget that of all the labels around in 1999, when Defected began operations, almost all have long bitten the dust.

But we honestly have to question exactly why Dunmore agreed to have this photo taken on a floor covered in rubbish. After all, it doesn’t send out a particularly good message about today’s clubbers – so we can only assume he’s trying to convey a subliminal message to the world.

Perhaps it’s some kind of metaphor for Dunmore’s career – mostly pleasant, but with a fair amount of rubbish thrown in. We couldn’t possibly comment…

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