Did Paul Oakenfold expose himself in front of his PA? Just one of the lurid claims filed as it’s revealed he’s being sued for sexual harassment…

Over the weekend, an exclusive story broke in the dance music world. It was, naturally enough, not broken by any of the dance music press outlets – there’s more chance of finding rocking horse dung. No, it was first revealed by Deadline Magazine, a showbiz news site.

They reported that Paul Oakenfold – a name in dance music since its very early days – has been accused of sexual harassment and workplace violations. According to the filing, the plaintiff is seeking $25,000 in damages after being employed as Oakenfold’s personal assistant – whilst being paid $20 per hour to do so.

The complaints – whose defendants include Oakenfold himself, New Frequency Management, Stepanek Management, and other unnamed parties – include lurid allegations that Oakenfold exposed himself and masturbated in front of her on four separate occasions. And even more stark is the claim that on one date in November 2022, Oakenfold allegedly masturbated in front of her no less than four times.

Having reported this to her superiors, the plaintiff was presented with a non-disclosure agreement – usually known as NDAs. The filing says the plaintiff eventually signed the NDA – but did so “under duress”, claiming she was threatened with dismissal if she refused to do so.

The plaintiff further alleges her working hours were cut after signing the NDA – although she was no longer assigned to Oakenfold – and she was dismissed in March 2023 for what court papers say was “a lack of work”.

Like several media outlets, Ears To The House reached out to Paul Oakenfold for comment over the weekend. As of this Monday morning, no response has been received…

10pm update: Oakenfold has posted the following statement…


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