“Nothing but love for you” – Ron Carroll’s shameful response to latest attempt to get him to repay £4k allegedly swindled from a British promoter (and he even sent a heart emoji!)

Ears To The House is sometimes accused of having a vendetta against some people in the dance music industry. This allegation usually comes from people who know nothing about us – our sole agenda is good journalism, where we call out wrongdoing and show no fear or favour towards anyone.

Recently, we’ve covered an allegation against Ronald Michael Carroll, the 55-year-old DJ from Chicago. He is alleged to have been paid just under £4000 for three gigs he was meant to do in the UK, but which he never fulfilled – Carroll has failed to deny the accusation, despite repeated attempts for comment.

On Monday, we reported the latest development in this sorry saga – the launch of a GoFundMe account to cover some of the losses for Karen Scargall, the promoter who lost her DJ agency over this matter. Earlier today, Scargall emailed Carroll inviting him to make a contribution to the fund.

In the email – which Ears To The House has seen – Scargall links to our story from Monday, pointing out that “this news story sums everything up about how my friends
have rallied around to recompense me for paying your debts”. She also says that “everyone would welcome you back at this point if you paid me back everything you owe me, and I would donate the GoFundMe donations to charity.

So what was Carroll’s response to this offer? Has he finally agreed to do the right thing? Well, here’s his response in full…

That’s right – he sends “nothing but love” and even nauseatingly includes a red heart emoji in the message. No offer to pay back the money, and certainly no apology – the contempt in this email is nothing short of breathtaking.

As we said the other day, “the internet keeps receipts” – and we’re certainly hanging onto ours…

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