Has Grant Nelson complained about this yet? Garage house rising star Marc Cotterell brushes off online woes and goes stateside on Nervous…

Last Monday, Ears To The House ran a story featuring a leaked screenshot from a private Facebook group, in which UK producer Grant Nelson accused rising garage house star Marc Cotterell of borrowing a little too much from his own archive. Cotterell himself denied the allegation in a statement.

Unsurprisingly, there were a few questions over our choice to run the article – including one person who suggested we were trying to “impugn” Cotterell’s reputation. Not so – aside from it simply being an interesting story about a rising star in a rising sub-genre of house music, Cotterell was offered a right of reply to the accusations being made.

There is no agenda on Ears To The House other than good journalism – which is why we suspect this episode is unlikely to do any harm to Cotterell. It certainly isn’t having any immediate effects – having previously appeared on Defected sub-label 4th Floor remixing an old K-London Posse track, he’s due to return with another remix for the label in the summer.

Elsewhere, we’ve just discovered that Cotterell has been asked to remix “Be Stronger” by Ralph Session and Carla Prather for Nervous Records. He provides a vocal mix that’s unashamedly about the song and a rather moody dub…

Just don’t expect the song to be played on D3EP Radio – station founder and owner Grant Nelson has pretty much banned anything Cotterell related from their airwaves. We expect he’ll probably be scouring the remixes for any hint of anything he did in the 90s as well…

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