Here’s Three They Made Earlier: 12th June 2023

It’s been a little while, but your favourite Monday night column is back. Three tunes from yesteryear, all chosen by the team almost totally at random. From big tunes to obscure ones, everything has its place under Here’s Three They Made Earlier.

First up today, dance acts are notoriously poor at coming up with follow-ups to big records. This has always been the case – and here’s an example from 2003. The year before, Swedish duo Shakedown and Terra Deva had a hit with “At Night” – but this K-Klass remixed follow-up just doesn’t quite punch the same way…

Next up, this one originally appeared in 2000 on Expanded Music before being signed all over the place and being a hit for another two years – ah, the days od vinyl. ATFC was asked to remix this for the UK release on Distinctive Records – “Music Makes Me Happy” by Tomy Or Zox.

And finally, here’s a Danny J Lewis remix we’d somehow managed to miss. This one came out in 2014 – it’s house music, but utterly unafraid to borrow influences from anything and everything else. We like it…

More selections from the team next week…

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