Is this their idea of raising the calibre of music journalism? Resident Advisor point out the blindingly obvious – that French riots mean events having to be cancelled!

In life, we’ve all experienced times when something happens that’s so big and unexpected that all previous plans go out of the window. The biggest example we can think of is the Covid-19 pandemic – people stayed at home and delayed their plans, following government mandated orders around much of the world.

A more recent example might be the ongoing situation in Ukraine – clubbers couldn’t meet up for a while, but as Ears To The House has previously reported, they later simply adapted. Which brings us to the riots currently taking place across France – Wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive account of developments.

Unsurprisingly, this has meant a number of events due to take place in France have had to be postponed. Most people, after all, will realise that going out to a nightclub when the streets are filled with rioters is not a smart idea. Everyone, that is, except Resident Advisor – who seem rather blindsided

The article – published at the weekend when the riots were at their peak – states that “Ongoing unrest has forced the cancellation of a number of electronic music events this weekend across France”, and lists a number of those events which will mostly, if not entirely, be rescheduled.

It also says that “this story is evolving and will be updated as more information becomes available”. The story was written on Saturday – it’s now Wednesday, yet no one in the vast machine that is Resident Advisor has been able to find any more information. It makes you wonder what they do all day, doesn’t it?

Shortly after Whitney Wei took over as editor-in-chief at the organisation in 2021, she proclaimed that she was on a mission to “raise the calibre of music journalism”. Judging by this article, Wei’s mission still has a long way to run…

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