We bring you all the heavy issues! Jazzy M – who helped bring house music to Britain – talked about getting hypnosis to lose weight in recently unearthed interview…

Back on Monday, Ears To The House published an article about how house music ended up being embraced by the British in the 1980s. We dissected the notorious story of how Paul Oakenfold and friends went to Ibiza in 1987 and fell in love with acid house – whilst also mentioning that Jazzy M was doing a radio show playing this music before they ever went on the trip.

Well, it reminded us of a story which we came across months ago – but for reasons our editor can’t remember, never published. It concerns Jazzy M – real name Michael Schiniou – and the time he underwent hypnosis to deal with a persistent weight problem.

And if you think we’re just making this up, here’s a little excerpt taken from the Sutton and Croydon Guardian newspaper in 2011…

One patient, Michael Schiniou, 49, said the treatment has seen him lose four stone in three months. The binge-eating DJ, who has struggled all his life to lose weight, dropped from 20-and-a-half stone to 16-and-a-half stone, and is confident of losing a further three stone.

Mr Schiniou said: “Its hard to explain what has happened to me really. I know I haven’t had the surgery, but I think in my subconscious I think I have…. Whatever he has done to me it has worked. I’ve got a new attitude towards eating.”

Schiniou went in to reveal that he could vividly recall being on the operating table, despite the fact it never happened – and even commented that “I remember smelling the disinfectant in the operating theatre.”.

Hypnotherapist John Mill described the process that Schiniou and others underwent as “put[ting] them into a deep trance… I take them through the medical procedure, from a consultation, and in to the hospital and in to the operating theatre.” – but, of course, no actual surgery is involved in the process.

Let’s hope he was jazzing the way he knew afterwards…

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