Has the internet not arrived in Chicago? Chicago’s new mayor has officially proclaimed June 27th to be Ron Carroll Day – amidst allegations he took £4k from a British promoter…

Chicago is one of the cities where house music came from in the 1980s. This isn’t exactly a secret in the dance music world – but the Illinois city itself has never been quite sure how to handle this fact. For many years, hardline authorities made life difficult for clubs in the city.

It’s only in more recent years that things have started to change – at a glacial pace, to put it mildly. A few weeks ago, the city designated 206 South Jefferson Street – the former home of The Warehouse nightclub – as an official landmark, giving the building various legal protections.

Many years earlier, in 2004, the segment of the same street was renamed the Honorary Frankie Knuckles Way in 2004 – and thanks to a certain Barack Obama, August 25th in Chicago is known as Frankie Knuckles Day. And now, a new day can apparently be added to this list – Ron Carroll Day on June 27th.

Carroll shared the following letter on his Facebook page last week – signed by Brandon Johnson, the recently elected new mayor of Chicago. Despite a number of requests to Chicago’s authorities, Ears To The House has not yet been able to confirm the authenticity of the document – although we’re inclined to believe, for a number of reasons, that it’s genuine…

Whilst many of Carroll’s friends in Chicago and around the world are ecstatic to hear this news, one person who’s unlikely to be impressed is Karen Scargall. The British promoter booked Ron Carroll for three UK shows last year, for which he was paid nearly £4000. Carroll is alleged to have taken the money and not performed the contracted shows.

Despite requests from Ears To The House, Carroll has failed to respond or to say anything at all on the subject. And as we reported recently, the last time Scargall heard from him, he contemptuously replied with “I send nothing but love for you”, accompanied with a heart emoji.

One can only assume – if we’re being polite – that Chicago’s new mayor was unaware of this story at the time of signing this proclamation…

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