It’s not just Marshall Jefferson who’s stuck in Hotel California! Danny Tenaglia “resigned” from DJing in 2012 – so why did he end up getting back in the saddle?

On Saturday, Ears To The House ran an article commenting on how Marshall Jefferson had announced he was quitting DJing – but subsequently returned. It turned out Jefferson had a caveat he hadn’t mentioned – he would still turn up and do a show, but it was going to cost a lot more.

As one source told us at the time, “It’s the Hotel California effect. Like a lot of my friends in the DJ world, he’s found that he can check out, but he can never leave. Being a DJ is addictive. I don’t think you can ever stop doing it completely. He’s just learnt to play the game differently.”.

Jefferson is, however, not the first to announce that he was throwing in the towel. Back in 2012, Danny Tenaglia – yes, he with the massive trunk – announced that he was “resigning” from DJing. The full statement can be found here – although you might want to make a large coffee before you read it.

However, Tenaglia has since returned to the scene and still plays out occasionally. And just like Jefferson, it’s understood his appearance fee rose significantly when he did come back – so what exactly is going on here?

We reached out to The Insider, and he typically didn’t mince his words. He told us “It’s either one or two things. One is that they’re not getting as many bookings as they used to, so they use this as a way to increase their fee. Two is that they get to a certain age and want a way to raise their fee and do less work. It’s an effective strategy simply because it works. Supply and demand, isn’t it?”.

Tenaglia also did say he wasn’t retiring – so he pretty much left the door open for a return. Either way, the Hotel California effect strikes once more…

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