Dance music press doyenne Annabel Ross deletes all but one of her Instagram posts in mysterious move – as a friend reveals what she REALLY thinks of your favourite site…

One thing that always bemuses us at Ears To The House – and it really shouldn’t by now – is just how sensitive to criticism most journalists are. We’ve encountered a few along the way who understand they have to take some back when they dish it out, but most still belong firmly in the gatekeepers who are beyond criticism mentality.

Last week, we reported on how dance music press doyenne Annabel Ross had an online temper tantrum, attacking “trolls” who suggested her positive review of Movement Detroit was motivated by her aspirations to become a DJ. She didn’t exactly deny the claim, simply saying she was “having fun” and telling her critics to “give me a f***ing break”.

Speaking of which, how does Ross feel about her “doyenne” label on this site? A dance music press source who calls her a friend simply said “She’s aware of it, and as far as I know, she f***ing hates it.”. How odd – the Oxford English Dictionary defines a doyenne as “the most respected or prominent woman in a particular field”.

It’s basically a compliment – and yet she supposedly “f***ing hates” the name? Let’s not forget Ears To The House was pretty much the only outlet that staunchly defended Annabel Ross against vicious online attacks from Derrick May’s Detroit stooges last year – our sole agenda is good journalism.

But anyone taking a look at her Instagram page – which we still can, despite being blocked – will have noticed this. The 579 posts previously on the page have been deleted, with the sole exception of one…

So what’s going on? Well, the strategy of wiping someone’s entire Instagram feed is often utilised by musicians or celebrities who have a big new project to promote – but seeing Ross is a journalist, this seems unlikely. It’s also possible that these “trolls” she was referring to were going through her archive, which dated back over a decade – and it seemed the only thing to do.

No doubt the dance music press doyenne will soon reveal what happened…

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