Do we have to explain this like you’re five? Honey Dijon – for her work on Grammy winning Beyoncé album – desperately insists YET AGAIN that she won the award herself…

Sometimes in life, Ears To The House feels like we’re shouting at the equivalent of a wall. This won’t necessarily stop us from making noise – although even we’re hard pressed to say it isn’t occasionally a frustrating position to be in. Mostly because there are some matters where we’re simply not going to let it drop.

As we reported recently, some kind of virus appears to have taken hold at Defected recently – with label stalwart Honey Dijon repeatedly claiming in error to be a Grammy winner. The virus has since spread to Luke Solomon – a close friend of Dijon – and indeed into the Defected team themselves.

Yet the more we write about it, the more Honey Dijon – real name Honey Redmond – continues to insist that she really is a winner of a Grammy award. Yesterday, she published this on her Instagram page…

We don’t quite know how many more times we’re going to have to say this – we’re just glad the copy and paste function exists. But Miss Redmond, you did not win a Grammy award. The Grammy Awards own website clearly shows you did not.

What you are showing us here is a certificate that acknowledges your “participation” on a Grammy winning album called “Renaissance”. You contributed to the Grammy win, undoubtedly – but that does not mean you won a Grammy yourself. The Grammy goes to the album and to Beyoncé Knowles – the name on the top of the album.

Now, Ears To The House has no issues with dance music artists working with pop artists – it’s been happening since the early days of house music, and bills do need to be paid. And yes, Redmond’s contribution to the album is significant – but that still doesn’t mean it’s her own award.

And forgive us for being cynical, but the line at the top about “being the first trans woman of colour to be awarded a Grammy” is inaccurate – and looks an awful lot like an attempt to shield herself from criticism. It’s not going to work…

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