Not taking it too badly, then! As it’s confirmed that Derrick May’s appearance at Sonus Festival has been cancelled, how DOES the man himself feel about it?

Update at 9.30pm: We’ve looked at this article again, and concluded that the original wording of paragraph five – about two DJs with objections to May playing – weren’t as clear as they could have been. This has been amended to clarify matters.

Things have never been straightforward in the world of 60-year-old occasional DJ Derrick May – this is about the one thing that’s always remained consistent in his career. Back on Wednesday, Ears To The House reported on the ongoing confusion over whether May was still appearing at the lucrative Sonus Festival next month in Croatia.

Rebekah Teasdale, techno DJ and ambassador of the #ForTheMusic campaign, posted a series of messages calling out the festival’s organisers for refusing to discuss the matter in private. She also pointed out May’s booking – in light of multiple allegations of sexual abuse made against him – breached a previous deal they had signed pledging to show “zero tolerance… around sexual assault and harassment”.

At the time, it was unclear whether May had actually been pulled from the lineup – indeed, we speculated this could be a repeat of the Club Shelter nonsense from two years ago. Thankfully, sense has prevailed – and Ears To The House has since had it confirmed by two separate sources that he definitely will not be appearing on stage next month.

No official announcement was made by Sonus Festival – and rest assured, none ever will be. However, their pinned Instagram post was switched on Thursday for one with May’s name notable by its absence…

So what exactly happened behind the scenes to lead to this decision? The picture isn’t entirely clear – but we gather that Teasdale wasn’t alone in kicking up a stink about May’s appearance. Two sources ha s reliably told us that at least two other DJs on the lineup were “deeply uneasy” with the possibility of appearing alongside him – infact, they both made “private representations” to the organisers stating their objections.

At the moment, it’s unknown whether the festival’s sponsors had any influence on the decision. There are also questions over how much of his fee May would forfeit if his appearance was cancelled – the only thing we do know is that manager Hagi Craig ultimately negotiated the deal and any clauses within it. Meaning that the prospect of May still being paid at least a percentage of his fee is potentially still on the table.

One thing which is less of a mystery is May’s own reaction to the news – one of our regular, reliable Detroit sources got in touch to tell us. According to them, “Derrick found out on Wednesday through his manager. Hagi was apparently pretty frustrated about it, though she’s been in this position before.”.

And as for his response? Our source simply said “Derrick’s had a spring in his step lately, because this has been happening less than before. He thinks people are starting to forget, if not forgive, all the stuff that he was accused of before. That said, it does set him back each time he gets cancelled like this. I think another rant will probably happen over the weekend.”.

Yet again, Ears To The House can only apologise to the fine residents of Farmington Hills – the tranquillity of Saturday and Sunday looks set to be disrupted…

The Saturday Recap will be online later today.

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