What’s next, a jaunt on a submersible? Diplo wants YOU to join him on an expedition to Antartica – and is running a contest where the winner can go for free (if you don’t fancy that, prices start at $16,000!)

The continent of Antarctica is a place where many things are simply not allowed to happen. This is something enshrined in international law by the 1959 Antarctic Treaty – military activity, nuclear explosions, and disposing of nuclear waste are all banned there. Unfortunately, however, one thing that the legislation doesn’t ban is EDM DJs from going to the ice-covered island for parties.

Admittedly, this might be something to do with the fact that EDM – or even house music, come to that – didn’t exist back in 1959. And it’s a loophole which Diplo – real name Thomas Wesley Pentz – has been able to exploit, as he’s heading out there as part of his latest tour in December.

Over seven days from December 13th, the man himself will be on the island – with the flashy website promising live performances, ambient sounds, yoga, and er, breathing exercises. Prices for what they’re dubbing a “luxury expedition” begin from $15,999 for two people – rising up to $35,999 for the most expensive package.

Which also includes dinner at the captain’s table with Diplo himself one night. Ears To The House suspects this may not be the scintillating prospect they think it is.

Anyway, if you can’t afford that – hardly surprising, given the cost of virtually everything has been going up lately – Diplo is running a competition on his socials for you to win a place on that cruise ship. From what we can deduce, the winner will win roughly the same as what the person paying $15,999 will get. Here’s hoping they shall never meet, eh?

In possibly the most pompous moment in the dance music world since, well, the last one – Diplo comes out with a corker. Writing on Instagram, he says this is all part of “helping build a just regenerative world – because yet another cruise ship heading to Antartica filled with people with more money than sense is exactly what we need to save the polar bears.

And we thought Louie Vega and Derrick Carter were bad for the environment

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