Are they even trying anymore? Resident Advisor’s latest fail is to have a discussion on making clubbing more inclusive for the disabled – and having no disabled people on the panel…

Some people seem to think that Ears To The House doesn’t really like Resident Advisor. They fail to understand what our real gripe with them is – namely that they could use their platform and clout in the industry to hold it to account and speak truth to power, but they simply choose not to.

And what’s the reason that Resident Advisor prefers not to pose the difficult but necessary questions? Money, pure and simple. Were they to ask too many questions, there’s a whole network of people they could upset – the same people who pay their wages by placing adverts or selling tickets through their website.

In recent years, new heights of incompetence have been reached by the site – mostly under the leadership of the appalling Whitney Wei. Ears To The House had high hopes when she took over – her record at previous employers Telekom Electronic Beats was a good one – but she has proven to be a spectacular failure.

This week, we can add another fail to that already lengthy list. In an attempt to portray itself as woker than woke – there are few things that excite Resident Advisor’s management more these days than gesture politics – they ran a discussion on an important subject.

That topic was how to make clubbing more accessible and inclusive to people with disabilities. Now, before anyone starts jumping up and down, let’s get one thing clear – Ears To The House absolutely agrees that club culture should be accessible to as many people as possible. However, such a debate should be led by people either with disabilities or at least significant knowledge of the topic.

So how did Resident Advisor do? Well, aside from the moderator of the debate at the Krake Festival in Berlin being blind – a significant disability, certainly, but far from the only one – not a single member of the panel seemed to have a disability. In other words, the only person with any actual disability wasn’t even meant to take part in the debate, only moderate it.

The debate took place all the way back in June, but only appeared on Resident Advisor’s hallowed pages this week. We can’t help but wonder exactly why it was delayed by three months…

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