Is there ANYONE making money in this industry? Melvin Moore – Subliminal’s A&R guy who died suddenly last week – joins the long list of those needing a fundraiser to pay for his funeral…

There are many things which we love about the dance music world – at its best, its ability to bring people of different hues and colours together is almost unparalleled. But there are a fair number of things about this scene which make us feel very angry – and this is unfortunately one of those times.

We especially hate the way that people who have contributed much to this scene are often apparently chewed out and left with nothing. Just look at who’s filling dance music venues around the world these days – it’s not the original innovators or those who have come along with a consistent offering. It’s mostly people who got there on the backs of their work.

Ears To The House thinks it’s an absolutely shameful indictment of this scene when people in it, who have worked hard and done much, end up dying penniless – yet it’s something that keeps happening. Colonel Abrams, for example, died back in 2016 – and despite having one of the most famous voices in house music and beyond, he passed away with barely a penny to his name.

Towards the end of last week, Melvin Moore died suddenly. He worked as the A&R guy at Kult Records in New York and at Erick Morillo’s Subliminal Records during the turn of the millennium – a time when the label was at the forefront of house music. This week, his shocked, bereaved family are trying to sort out his funeral – and have to raise the $12,000 required by holding a fundraiser.

A depressing, yet all too common, reality…

At the time of writing this article, 54 donors had raised $2,743 between them – still some way from the target of $12,000. Anyone wishing to donate can, of course, do so from here.

Now, this site understands fully well that the way DJs and such operate is a little different to your average 9-5 shift worker – and that poses some questions. We also accept that there are some people in the dance music world who spend money prolifically, like it’s going out of fashion. Just like elsewhere, we are all too aware that these situations can, and do, happen.

But isn’t it time that the dance music world at least had a discussion on how to deal with this? People dying with nothing to their name and grieving families effectively having to beg for money is unfair on everyone involved…

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