Whatever ARE they trying to tell us?! Duck Sauce – the collab between A-Trak and Armand Van Helden – describe their relationship with Defected as “tantric”…

During our two and a little years in existence, Ears To The House has come across a lot of different statements on a lot of different subjects. The language in such statements varies from the formal, the not so formal, the nonsense variety mostly seen in PR stuff promoting tracks – and then you get ones which just leave everyone at HQ scratching their heads in bafflement.

Earlier this week, Duck Sauce – the long-running collaborative project between Armand Van Helden and A-Trak – put out a post on Instagram. Musicians posting about music is nothing unusual, we hear you say – and you’d be entirely right. However, this statement – referencing an eight track deal they’ve done with Defected sub-label D4 D4NCE – is bizarre…

That’s right – the duo consider their relationship with Defected to a “tantric” one. It might not be a sentiment shared by their new cash cow friends, however – that piece of their statement was mysteriously omitted from Defected’s own website article on the topic.

So, what are the guys talking about? After all, the first mention of the word “tantric” usually brings about associations with tantric sex. Melissa Cook, a sex therapist speaking to Women’s Health Magazine, refers to the practice as “sex that’s characterized by its emphasis on deep intimacy, sensuality, and mindfulness”.

Elsewhere, Dawn Michael, a counsellor, clinical sexologist, and a book tantalisingly called My Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me says “Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice, translating to the weaving and expansion of energy, that promotes deeper intimacy by using breath, slower touch, energy, and delayed orgasm.”.

Of course, it could simply be that they’re referencing Sanskrit – where the word tantra means woven together, and any sexual connotations being inferred from the word tantric just shows that we’re smutty minded at Ears To The House. But we strongly suspect that the choice of word was entirely deliberate – let’s just say some of Urban Dictionary’s definitions of “duck sauce” do not refer to Chinese takeaways.

No wonder Defected left that bit of the statement out on their website…

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