Just what WAS Elliot Eastwick playing at this time? He claimed to have “no money in the bank” on Tuesday – yet has a brand spanking new website up AND business booming again by Thursday…

Believe it or not, but Ears To The House doesn’t like to see people struggling or having difficulties. This is one reason, for example, that we don’t gloat about Derrick May’s money worries – there are people other than him involved. However, this doesn’t absolve us of the responsibility to ask questions.

And we certainly have a few questions for Elliot Eastwick on this Friday after seeing what he’s been up to during this week. Back on Tuesday, he posted a message on his X profile, formerly Twitter, with some distressing news…

This certainly came as a surprise to us. By all accounts, Eastwick’s hot sauce business has been doing very well in the past few years – he’s even been referenced in an episode of ITV’s Coronation Street, the longest running soap opera in the world.

Exactly how well is a mystery, since Eastwick’s company doesn’t appear to have a listing on Companies House – the government register of companies in the UK. But he certainly seems to have built up a very loyal audience in the north-west of England and beyond – and full credit to him for doing so.

So what exactly happened after this? Did Eastwick then pack the last of his orders, send them off in the post, and then say goodbye to his business? Er, not exactly. Since doing this, the business appeared to have undergone something of a renaissance – with a snazzy new website popping up from the apparent ashes, and swathes of new orders making an appearance.

Quite what went on behind the scenes was a mystery. The only clues are Eastwick spending his Tuesday night ranting about GoDaddy had apparently ruined his business – before sending out an email to his customers on Wednesday morning saying everything was fixed.

He also used the opportunity to promote shirts that X user The Good Santos Man described as a good buy “if your arms move like a Canadian in South Park”.


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