Is DJing couples a future trend? Louie Vega used to spin alone or with MAW partner Kenny Dope all the time – but now hardly ever appears without wife Anané (who’s currently appearing naked on a Nervous release!)

Two years ago, Ears To The House started querying why Nervous Records were using scantily clad ladies to advertise their merchandise. We mocked them, sometimes brutally, for some truly ridiculous moments, including when one of the former regular Nervous models had to do a photoshoot alongside a pig.

A source previously told us that Nervous were aware of the criticism we were making, but decided not to make any comment. This line quickly changed when dance music press doyenne Annabel Ross chimed in last year – leading us to strongly suspect she’s one of our many secret readers.

Almost as soon as Ross had made her obligatory comments about the objectification of women – although curiously, she has no issue with objectifying men – Nervous stopped using such advertising. A quick browse of their Instagram page that the near-naked ladies have all but disappeared.

Well, all except one…

Yes, it’s none other than Anané Vega posing in her birthday suit for her latest release on Nervous – currently only available on vinyl. If you suspect that you’ve heard this name before, that’s because you have – she is none other than Louie Vega’s wife.

The EP was produced by Louie Vega, Anané Vega and Josh Milan – Louie’s partner in the Two Soul Fusion project. The two men do not appear at all on the cover, and certainly not in a similar state of undress to Anané. Ears To The House HQ is divided on whether this is a case of sexual inequality, or a simple matter of being grateful for small mercies.

Or maybe not seeing small mercies on this occasion.

But we digress. Louie and Anané Vega appear to be together everywhere these days – a phenomenon that we first reported on in April. As a source told us at the time, “When the pandemic happened, Louie started to really think about his life. Even though him and Anané had very different views on the Covid situation, one thing they had in common was they wanted to spend more time together. Louie, though, will probably be a workaholic until the day he dies, so I guess this is their way of making it happen.”.

And if what we hear on the rumour mill is correct, several PR firms and agencies involved in the dance music world have also noticed this development. Indeed, some are even said to be mulling over the idea of getting husband and wife couples to start DJing together – citing Charlotte De Witte and her husband Enrico Sangiuliano as another example.

You heard it here first…

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