They certainly didn’t have these in 1988! People who’ve been out clubbing can now take “post-rave wellness packs” – a sign of just how much things have changed over the years…

There was a time when anyone who’d been to a rave or something similar might feel a bit worse for wear the next day. This might be because of excessive alcohol consumption the night before, or the consumption of something else entirely – but the solutions usually included sleeping it off, resting or perhaps drinking lots of water.

But in a sign of how times have changed, there are now actual supplements that you can take when that feeling strikes. And although it must be emphasised that these aren’t cures for hangovers, Ears To The House is surprised it’s taken us this long to encounter the concept.

One company whose adverts we keep coming across on social media recently is Happy Tuesday – who promote “post-rave wellness packs”. Their website makes interesting claims of “rehydration reinvented for ravers” – and goes into a truly phenomenal amount of detail on exactly what goes into their products…

So what’s the deal with Happy Tuesdays? A quick search on Companies House – the government register for all companies in the UK – reveals the business behind this is Happy Tuesdays Forever Ltd and whose sole director, Jayme Goldstein, is in his mid-30s.

The company started trading during 2019, and their most recent company accounts reveal that, as of June 2022, there was just over £117,000 worth of capital in the business – a whopping increase from the £35,986 just one year earlier. If those figures continue to rise, expect to see a fair few entrants into this curious market that we never even knew existed…

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