After PBS takes down a programme about Detroit techno featuring Derrick May, hardly anyone in the city has a good word to say – and the other two members of the Belleville Three aren’t happy either!

It was supposed to be Derrick May’s latest opportunity at redeeming himself. Following the Derrick May European Coming Back Tour earlier in the year, the next plan was to appear on the TV – and what better than a respectable American network such as PBS?

Unfortunately for May, mischievous Michael James found out about it – and began a furore which saw the programme taken down from PBS’s streaming services. It’s a major breakdown of the two-year old strategy that May has been utilising – announcing events as late in the day as possible so as to reduce opportunities for a backlash.

The master plan in question is now understood to be “under review” – with May’s own PR man, investor, and plank lover Mike Weston heading the probe. Ironically, Ears To The House understands that the very same strategy that might now face consignment to the dustbin was initially conjured up by none other than Mike Weston himself.

One thing that might not be so easy is smoothing things over with his Detroit scene colleagues. A regular source told us that “Everyone’s just astonished how selfish Derrick has been over this. He must have known this would happen. Drummer B could have had a moment to shine on national TV, and it’s useless to him now. It’s sad, and it’s pathetic, but it’s also typical Derrick f***ing May. He never thinks of anyone but himself.”.

Perhaps more worrying for May, however, is the fact that Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins – the other two members of the Belleville Three fairytale – are also unhappy with how things have turned out. But as a source who knows all three men told us, it’s not because they feel sad for their friend.

They said “Kevin and Juan are keen for the Belleville Three tour to go ahead next year, and this is the last thing they needed. They know Derrick May is going to bring heat on them, and he’s just made it a thousand times worse. This is going to make promoters nervous. He just might have tested their loyalty once too often with this, and I don’t say that lightly.”.

Detroit techno deserves better than these self-serving three as its representation…

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