Er, have you looked in the mirror lately? Honey Dijon complains that black and queer people are being squeezed out of house music – yet she hasn’t done too badly herself in the industry…

This has proven to be yet another busy year for Honey Dijon – quite possibly her busiest in many years. Her touring schedule is exhausting to even look at, and her diary is filled with new releases and remixes. Many a higher echelon DJ would envy her.

All in all, all her hard work over several decades in dance music are paying off – quite literally. According to an industry source, Honey Dijon – whose real name is Honey Redmond – gets paid “comfortably in the five figure range” for most of her sets these days. We’re also told she was paid “very generously” for her remix of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”.

Rightly so, of course – we think it’s only fair that people are paid for what they do. But amidst this frenzy of employment, Redmond appears to be losing sight of a few things – which are becoming apparent in some recent interviews. Take this quote that she shared from an interview with The Easter Gates recently…

House music has been capitalised on? That’s undoubtedly true – and Redmond should know, as she’s been at the heart of this capitalisation in recent years. Not only has she been involved with artists such as Beyoncé Knowles and Madonna, but her bank manager will certainly have noticed that being reflected in her very healthy bank balance.

And as for her comments on “the colour and the queerness being stripped out of it”, what exactly does Redmond herself represent? If there seriously is some kind of subversive Machiavellian plot within the dance music world to cast out anyone who isn’t white and straight, the fact Redmond is now more successful than ever suggests the plan is failing miserably.

Only last week, Redmond was once again waxing lyrical on the subject to Resident Advisor – who were naturally happy enough to listen. Talking about “the colour and the queerness being stripped out of house music” and “house music being capitalised upon” whilst being a symbol of both seems to be a form of online currency right now…

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