Has Pete Tong’s DJ Academy got a rival in music education? SeeDJ claims to “accelerate your path” into the industry – with Nastia’s “Growing As A DJ” lesson costing $49…

It used to be ever so simple. Years ago, DJs could make money by simply being DJs. All they had to do was turn up, play some vinyl, and collect their money. Some can still do things this way – but the vast majority of DJs have had to diversify their revenue streams as the years have gone on.

In recent weeks, Ears To The House has been documenting how Mr Peter Michael Tong MBE has been doing precisely that – his latest money spinner is the Pete Tong DJ Academy with its $447 enrollment fee and “visibility opportunities”. From what we understand, Tong’s academy has done well, with a source previously revealing that sales have been “slightly above original projections and are holding up firm”.

But by the looks of it, Tong’s very own DJ school might have some competition – and we’re not surprised. As we previously reported last year, inflation in the DJ education market has jumped by a whopping 4100% since 1996 – so who else has thrown their hat into the ring?

Step forward, SeeDJ. They’ve been around for longer than Pete Tong’s rival, having been founded in May 2021. They do things slightly differently – they don’t style themselves as a school, but they do offer a lot of similar things.

One person who’s very involved with the project is Ukraine’s very own Nastia – real name Anastasia Topolskaia. Her “Growing As A DJ” lesson costs $49 to buy, or is available as part of the site’s monthly subscription options. Here’s a clip that SeeDJ put up…

Pete Tong’s DJ Academy finished with a sale offering $200 off their one-off enrollment fee a few days ago – and it appears that SeeDJ have something similar on at the moment. Subscriptions on the site currently start at €16 per month – down from the usual €49.

If taken out over a 12 month period, that’s a cost of €192 – a saving of almost €400 on the usual price. There seems to be an awful lot of competition in this money-spinning market right now…

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