Sébastien Léger doesn’t like VIP tables being placed in front of DJ booths – but seems to be perfectly happy being represented by the same agency as Derrick May…

There are lots of things that DJs really don’t like – they don’t speak about as much as they used to, but those thoughts are still there. Funnily enough, they became a lot more reluctant to air their grievances after someone started posting about DJs Complaining on Twitter many years ago – edicts went out from management to some at the time demanding they cease sharing such sentiments.

Occasionally, however, one of them forgets about the memo – something that suits Ears To The House just fine. Aside from providing us with content, it also helps break down this illusion that DJs are actually something special. Rest assured that they are not – we all breathe in the same air, and we all do the same things in bathrooms.

Over the weekend, France’s very own Sébastien Léger decided that he’d had enough of one particular phenomenon he claims to have witnessed a few times – VIP booths being placed right in front of the DJ. Léger strongly dislikes this, claiming “They are rarely here for the music, but mostly to be seen and show off”…

Whilst Ears To The House suspects he has a valid point in his analysis, we also question whether he should be making such observations so blatantly in his position. Léger is represented by Detroit Premiere Artists, led by the formidable Hagi Craig – Carl Craig’s wife and also a shrewd businesswoman.

This particular company also provides representation to Derrick May, and have done for over two years – yet their website has yet to be updated to publicise this. Indeed, we only found out about this after someone leaked an email to us where Hagi Craig revealed that Derrick May’s typical fee is $10,000 for a night’s work.

Léger, along with many other artists represented by Detroit Premiere Artists, know that Derrick May is one of their bedfellows – yet you won’t find the apparently plain-speaking Frenchman complaining about this on Instagram. Which brings us on to our second point – who exactly does Léger think is paying his wages?

Whatever grievances he has with those people spending their hard-earned money on VIP booths, those same people are ultimately helping events to turn a profit – and profitable events lead to more events taking place. The same kind of events that will bring back the likes of Sébastien Léger to play again – because his last appearance went so well.

Profitable events also ensure that DJs not only get paid their fees, but continue to be paid their fees – which have mostly risen exponentially since pandemic restrictions became a thing of the past. It’s strange how so many highly-paid DJs know next to nothing about basic economics…

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