“You know you’re f***ed when the Metro Times comes after you!”: As the scuffle between Omar S and Supercoolwicked hits the Detroit press, new details emerge courtesy of Smith’s own lawyer…

Three years ago, Detroit’s own Derrick May was accused of multiple allegations of sexual abuse – the accusations hit the press in September 2020 after journalist Michael James had spent many months detailing similar claims. May denied the accusations – well, sort of – to the press and tried to sue James for defamation of character in early 2021.

Shortly afterwards, May made the decision to withdraw from his own legal action – just before the discovery phase was due to begin in the case. He had also been ordered to pay $10,000 by a judge to keep the case alive – but readers of the Detroit Metro Times would be blissfully unaware of such claims.

Indeed, over the past three years, they have not published even a single word in relation to the claims against Derrick May – something that Ears To The House considers to be extremely odd. Aren’t the citizens of Detroit entitled to know about these serious allegations made against someone so prominent in a genre of music that their city is strongly associated with?

Strangely enough, however, the Detroit Metro Times hasn’t shown such a reluctance to publish when it comes to the scuffle that Omar S and Supercoolwicked got into at Paramita Sound last weekend. As one of our regular Detroit sources commented over the weekend, “I don’t understand why one gets publicity and the other doesn’t. You know you’re f***ed when the Metro Times comes after you. Things just aren’t good.”.

Their headline is pretty strong by their standards – and to be fair, the article they’ve produced is a good one. There’s also some new information in the article. After the publication contacted Omar S – real name Alexander Omar Smith – for comment, they received a response from none other than his lawyer, Todd Russell Perkins.

He accepts that both parties were present at Paramita Sound on the night of November 4th and that Supercoolwicked – real name Morgan Hutson – did initiate a conversation with Smith. That, however, is where accounts differ.

Speaking in an email to the Detroit Metro Times, Perkins said this…

“What followed was anything but the truth. My client, a husband and father to two young ladies, is appalled at the suggestion that he assaulted this young lady. We have sought professionals to acquire statements that declare this to be a fabrication. In fact, after a profane defaming and false claim by Ms. Hutson of indebtedness by Mr Smith to her (royalties), Ms. Hutson violently attacked him.”

Hutson claims that she is owed around $10,000 by Smith in unpaid royalties – Smith’s lawyer is now categorically denying that Smith owes Hutson any money. He also goes on to claim that Hutson initiated the attack – just like Smith said on Instagram at the time.

Perkins also says that evidence is being collected, which will verify Smith’s account of events – but exactly what evidence is out there remains unclear. From what Ears To The House has been told, no one has yet been able to produce any video footage of the night’s events.

The Detroit Metro Times also reported that a police report has been filed by Hutson in connection with the event – that investigation remains in its early stages at the time of publication…

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