So where can DJs accused of sexual offences go and play with no questions asked? Pacha at Buenos Aires is the answer – with Guy Gerber and Paul Oakenfold on the lineup for tomorrow’s show…

In the vast majority of industries, someone who is accused of some kind of sexual impropriety during the course of their job would be suspended from duty whilst the matter was investigated. A probe might take place within the company – or the police would step in if the allegations were potential criminal offences.

Even when accused within their private lives, there might still be implications for their employment. A person, for example, on police bail or awaiting trial, might have to follow certain rules – which could mean a long period of leave from a job.

But as we already know, dance music works in this strange realm – where rules everyone else has to follow suddenly no longer apply. It’s the unwritten loophole that allows Derrick May – a man accused of multiple allegations of sexual abuse – to occasionally continue working in the industry.

It’s also the same reason why not one, but two persons accused of sexual offences in recent times are due to appear at Pacha’s event in Argentina’s Buenos Aires, tomorrow – with both Guy Gerber and Paul Oakenfold on the same lineup…

Back in June 2022, Gerber was accused of carrying out of spiking a woman’s drink before proceeding to rape her. He strongly denies the allegations made against him, and lengthy legal proceedings against the woman who made the claims are ongoing.

Elsewhere, Oakenfold had a lawsuit brought against him in June this year in which he was accused of sexually harassing a PA. One particular lurid detail in the case was the astonishing claim that Oakenfold exposed himself and masturbated in front of her on no less than four separate occasions.

He angrily denied the allegations in a statement published on social media, describing the claims as “an attempt to tarnish my reputation and extort money”. From what we understand, this case is ongoing – although according to Radar Online, Oakenfold has been dropped by his own solicitors after relations between them broke down.

Both are appearing tomorrow at the Pacha Buenos Aires Festival. Pacha have not responded to our request for comment earlier in the week…

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