Two fashion disasters in one week! Carl Craig went to play in Fujisawa, having apparently borrowed Jeff Mills’s coat – whilst The Wizard himself posed for an unflattering photo…

Occasionally, DJs like to complain about the fact that no one’s really focusing on all the work they’re supposedly doing. They whinge that people are talking about them pointlessly twiddling their knobs, or simply commenting on what they’re wearing instead.

Others just accept things for what they are, and even embrace it. The world of Detroit techno is no exception to the rule – whilst old heads like Kevin Saunderson has developed his own special area of expertise in looking permanently surprised, the likes of Carl Craig and Jeff Mills have gone along with the trends – and even tried to monetise them.

The week gone by provided a perfect example of this – with Craig posing in his latest garments. Whilst paying a visit to Fujisawa in Japan, he appeared wearing a red shirt and a coat that looked suspiciously similar to one that Jeff Mills was wearing in a recent photoshoot for the Jil Sander fashion house.

Perhaps Mills let him borrow his newly acquired coat for the trip?

Elsewhere, Jeffery Eugene Mills has been keeping himself busy – and just days ago revealed the above cover of himself for T Magazine. Online commentary on Jeff Mills’s own Instagram page unveiling the photo – and yes, in the Ears To The House office, too – have been impertinent, with one saying this “confirms once again that Jeff Mills is not from this planet”.

Nor is that coat…

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