Will we EVER see the two of them together? As Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” movie opens, there’s no sign of Honey Dijon – and she has nothing to say about Israel hosting the premiere, either…

Over the past year or two, Honey Dijon has been trying to navigate an almost impossible position – plugging how many famous friends she has whilst also simultaneously insisting that she somehow remains as underground as ever. Walking this fine tightrope leads to things like rants about how black and queer people being squeezed out of the industry that she herself has done nicely out of.

It also inevitably means that Honey Dijon – real name Honey Redmond – has to compromise on some issues. For instance, Redmond has no problem with promoting herself in interviews as someone who’s forthcoming and speaks out on issues – yet she is now apparently happy to remain quiet when it suits her commercial interests.

Take her work with Beyoncé Knowles – Redmond worked on two records on the hit album “Renaissance” and also provided a remix for “Break My Soul”. The album itself won a Grammy Award – leading to Redmond repeatedly and wrongly claiming that she was a Grammy winner.

During the week, Knowles was at the premiere of her own movie, “Renaissance”. The show itself took place in Israel, of all places – which might seem a controversial area to stage the event given what’s been happening in the Middle East in recent weeks. So, it begs the question – where was Honey Redmond at the same time?

She wasn’t in Israel watching the premiere – and nor, to the best of our knowledge, were any of the other dance music producers that Knowles was happy to use in her money-making machine. No, Redmond was in New York viewing the event off a rather big screen.

Curiously, Redmond had nothing to say about the fact she wasn’t in Israel, nor about the ongoing conflict itself. But then again, this isn’t the first time that she’s stayed quiet on a subject – despite describing her experience in Dubai as a “mindf***” in 2020, she said nothing when her supposed idol Beyoncé Knowles went there.

Perhaps she should go back to hanging out with Madonna – at least she’s happy to be photographed with her…

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