Haven’t we all suffered enough already? Sterling Void says he’s coming to Britain next year in bizarre Facebook rant – and the Belleville Three are looking for a British date, too…

Do you ever get the feeling that life is permanently one set of trolls followed by another? That’s the feeling at the Ears To The House office this weekend – we’ve had rising inflation, the cost of everything going up, Derrick May’s ridiculous European Coming Back Tour, so does the New Year promise to be any better?

The initial signs are, unfortunately, not that promising. First indicators began to develop back on Friday when Sterling Void – who else, eh? – took to Facebook to tell his fans that he was heading over to the UK sometime next year. He also revealed he would be taking a number of other Chicago based producers along with him – although he disclosed no details as to where in Britain will be unfortunate enough to be graced with his presence.

Elsewhere, our regular Detroit sources have sent us a little bit of new information about the ongoing attempts to organise a tour for the so-called Belleville Three next year. Ears To The House has been told that a few dates have already been confirmed – although it’s unclear whether the current number is sufficient to make such a tour financially viable.

However, organisers are said to be especially keen on having a British date on the lineup. As for exactly where, we’ve been told that London and Manchester are high up on the list – although crowded schedules for many venues, still dealing with Covid-related backlogs, are making the job a logistical challenge.

In the meantime, Derrick May himself is said to be, in the words of our source, “looking forward to finally having some proper work in his diary once again. He thinks he’s been treated harshly by the industry and that it’s now time for him to be allowed to continue working like before.”

Fellow Belleville Three members Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins might not be quite so pleased

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