We’re never gonna get to see it, are we? As Honey Dijon posts her favourite photo with Madonna again, a reminder that her clout chasing picture with Beyoncé remains elusive…

Before we get down to business for this Sunday, a quick apology for the lack of articles over the past two days. A case of a nasty vomiting bug has hit your ever so lovely Ears To The House writers in bulk – expect some things today, a full normal service to resume tomorrow, and also an explanation of how things are going to work over this festive season.

Right, where were we? Ah yes, Honey Dijon. Back on Thursday, Miss Dijon – real name Honey Redmond – was appearing alongside Madonna at a show in New York. Now, Ears To The House is getting a little tired of pointing out a few things about Redmond, but someone’s got to do it, haven’t they?

Whether it be bizarre comments about gay and queer people being pushed out of the industry when she is a visible example of the opposite, the fact that she demonises the influence of capitalism whilst happily fattening up her bank balance remixing mainstream artists like David Bowie, or her odd insistence that she’s a Grammy winner – Redmond is someone who has no problem living alongside inconsistencies.

And whilst similarly insisting on her underground credentials, she has no issue brandishing this photograph of herself alongside Madonna – it’s been published on her Instagram page a few times already. But whilst Madonna was seemingly happy to have her picture taken alongside, we do think the lack of other images is strange.

Now, let’s be fair to Redmond for a moment. Unless she was prepared to dig him up from his grave, it would have been impossible for her to get a photo with David Bowie – he sadly departed this mortal realm in 2016. But the photo of Redmond alongside Beyoncé Knowles – whom she worked with for the Grammy award winning album “Renaissance” – still remains elusive to this day.

Ears To The House is beginning to sadly suspect that we’re unlikely to ever see this photo – prove us wrong, Miss Dijon…

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