So where IS Derrick May’s New Year’s Eve gig for 2023? Er, at the Hanah Steakhouse in Detroit alongside Kevin Saunderson – but not Juan Atkins, for some reason…

Historically speaking, one of the most lucrative nights in the DJ calendar was New Year’s Eve. That great clamour amongst many to celebrate the inevitable passage of one year into the next has to be accommodated somehow – and since everyone else was raising their prices for the night, why not the DJs as well?

A DJ prepared to drive a hard bargain could find themselves playing on New Year’s Eve in an exotic, faraway land having the time of their lives and being paid a lot of money to do it. Ears To The House understands that some of the higher echelon DJs playing this coming Sunday are in six-figure territory – whereas for Detroit’s most occasional DJ, it’s a sign of just how much his star has fallen.

Because despite it barely being publicised, Ears To The House can reveal that Derrick May will be playing alongside Kevin Saunderson at… a Detroit steakhouse. No, we’re really not kidding…

At the time of writing, the event has not been publicised by Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, or even the venue that’s actually hosting it. Infact, the only ones who have is Insane Who Sane – seemingly unaware of the rule that any event with Derrick May on the lineup can’t be advertised until as close as possible to its starting time.

Now, Saunderson’s inclusion doesn’t surprise us one bit – his determination to remain as Derrick May’s friend is only matched by his insistence on looking permanently shocked in almost every photo he’s in. But one thing that struck us was by its absence – Juan Atkins isn’t on the lineup.

As one of our regular Detroit sources puts it, “We’re meant to believe that these three are going on tour next year, yet this steakhouse can only get the Belleville Two to perform on New Year’s Eve? This isn’t doing anything to dispel those rumours that they’re not getting on.”. It’s hard to disagree…

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