As Sasha and John Digweed get ready to play together at Poland’s Gdańsk in April, the REAL question that everyone’s talking about – when will Sasha go bottle blonde like his DJing pal?

There are certain phrases and names in the dance music world that make some people very excited indeed – and two names who certainly have that effect are Sasha and John Digweed. The two DJs first met in the early 90s and started working together – honing their technical skills and talents for selecting the right records to play.

Indeed, for many years, witnessing the two of them playing together was all but impossible – their own separate DJing schedules simply didn’t allow it. But in recent years, it’s been much easier to see them – having done one in Miami only last weekend and two in London during the month of December.

Their next gig together, as far as we’ve been able to establish, is in April – and it’s in the Polish city of Gdańsk which gets the honour of hosting it. Temperamental Events are keen to advertise this apparent coup, promoting it on their Instagram page several months before it’s due to take place.

However, Ears To The House can’t help but notice that they’re using a pretty old photo to promote the event – and the main giveaway is John Digweed’s own hair. Back in July 2021, Digweed himself premiered his new look to the world – the then 54-year old DJ had suddenly gone a distinct shade of blonde…

It certainly provides a new insight into an article from our archive – in May 2021, we published an article querying whether Digweed had done anything even more dull than the bread-baking Sasha during the Covid lockdowns. Getting familiar with peroxide blond hair and mysteriously looking a lot younger than he did before might explain his previous response of “I’ve been trying to keep myself as busy as I possibly can”.

With that said, what will it take to persuade his DJ partner in crime Sasha to dye his own hair? An industry source who recently disclosed he knows both men just laughed at the prospect, saying “Alex’s [Sasha’s real first name] wife might have something to say about that!”.

It’s unknown whether Digweed’s own spouse approves of her husband’s change of hair colour…

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