Now Nervous get in on the food and music trend with a BBQ…

The world of clubbing is in an extremely unusual place at the moment. That widely expected boom after pandemic restrictions eased turned out to be far more short-lived than many anticipated, so everyone’s having to work harder to persuade their fans to part with their cash.

And one of those methods which is being utilised is bundling the music with something else – well, it certainly did wonders for the iPhone years ago, didn’t it? This time, however, it’s a more basic need that those wanting to fill seats and stands are going after – namely, the human need to eat stuff in order not to die.

On Friday, we reported that Tony Humphries would be at East Hampton’s Sí Sí on the Saturday evening. Visitors would get to feast on crispy olives and charred lemon, crispy duck with melon and a ginger vinaigrette, orange cheesecake – and finish it off with some 2017 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti La Tache red. A bargain at $3800 per bottle!

So how would Nervous Records try to compete with this offering? Would they have fancier food, more decadent desserts – or expensive champagne? Er, not quite – they decided to have a BBQ instead…

Now, don’t get us wrong. We have nothing against a barbecue at Ears To The House – so long as it’s good food cooked properly on a decent BBQ. We’re probably just as partial to a burger as anyone else – but on the same day as Tony Humphries was playing alongside posh food elsewhere in the same city, it’s really a no brainer for us.

And deep down, we suspect it’s the same at Nervous. We’ve heard the rumours about how much label boss Mike Weiss spends on dinner with Louie Vega when he’s in town – let’s just say Nervous must be doing well, because we gather the two have very expensive tastes…

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