Ministry stay silent on THAT night – but Waze and Essel get another turn…

Yesterday, Ears To The House published a story about how GORDO – apparently a Guatemalan-American DJ called Diamanté Anthony Blackmon – was playing at Ministry of Sound in London on Saturday night and simply decided he couldn’t be bothered finishing his set. This meant that two other DJs weren’t able to do their sets as planned.

Now, flexibility in DJ timetables isn’t unheard of – playing for a few extra minutes with the consent of the next DJ is fairly normal – but playing through the entire sets of the next two DJs is probably a first. Producing the excrement that was the latest album by Drake seems to have gone to Blackmon’s head.

There’s been one or two updates to the story since yesterday. So, as we said yesterday, we respect the fact Waze – real name Firas Waez – went to great lengths to point out he did not blame Ministry of Sound for this debacle. Essel also said much the same thing.

Indeed, it turns out the club have given him and Essel – who is actually Sophia Essel from Liverpool – another opportunity to play – presumably without GORDO anywhere near the place…

However, this simply does not explain why Ministry of Sound have failed to make any kind of comment on the matter. For example, they posted at the weekend that GORDO would be appearing – but there was no reference afterwards to the event or what happened. Ministry of Sound haven’t responded to our requests for comment as of this morning.

It’s all part of a depressing theme this year in clubs and festivals, where they’re shamelessly indulging the massive egos of prima donna DJs. Here’s looking at you, Carl Craig

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