What is it with DJs and food these days? Now Kenny Carpenter is the latest to attach a “brunch buffet” to his set…

It seems that nowadays, nothing is allowed to actually stand out for itself. You see it all the time – the “journalism” in the dance music press is usually attached to paid for, sponsored pieces. Even DJing isn’t immune to this – the current favourite thing to stick alongside it is something fashion related.

Well, Ears To The House thinks the next big thing which DJs will be lumped in with is… food. We’re not kidding, either. There are only so many ridiculous clothes that you can encourage DJs to wear before even they realise they’re turning into parodies of themselves – and this, frankly, is a level of thought many of these DJs are barely capable of.

It’s a trend we’ve already commented on last year – both Louie Vega and Tony Humphries have done it, although it’s worth noting the trend hasn’t yet worked its way down to the more recent intake to the higher echelon group of DJs. So, who’s the latest to pair house music with food?

Step forward none other than Kenny Carpenter – face plastered on a billboard which we honestly thought was a parody when we first saw it…

So what’s on the menu? Looking at the Carpe Diem website, we’re guessing this refers to the breakfast and lunch menu, served between noon and 3pm each day. If this is correct, guests can look forward to dishes such as eggs benedict, Spanish omelettes, and puccia al prosciutto crudo – described as a “pizza dough sandvich with parma ham, tomato and smoked scamorza cheese”.

Sounds alright, to be fair…

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