Juan Atkins did a show with his friend Derrick May recently – but why doesn’t he want to be photographed with Detroit’s most occasional techno DJ?

In the same way a fly finds itself drawn towards a turd, Ears To The House finds itself once again writing about Juan Atkins – who doesn’t like it when you dare ask questions about whether he really did create the genre of techno. Two weeks ago, he had something that doesn’t happen to him as often as it used to – a busy weekend.

Over Memorial Day weekend, he had two gigs. On Saturday, he did a performance at Movement Detroit as Cybotron – the band which he voluntarily left in 1985 yet now single handedly claims to represent. And on Sunday, he did one of his own Deep Space shows elsewhere in the city – but his choice of collaborator for the evening might raise some eyebrows…

Atkins decided to bring Derrick May – the occasional 60-year-old DJ also from Detroit – along for the party. Our sources in Detroit say that May was “disappointed” with the way his recent European Coming Back Tour panned out – and that “a few within Detroit techno’s scene are privately comparing Juan bringing Derrick on his show to a sympathy s**g.”.

It’s no secret that a significant minority within the Detroit techno scene still supports Derrick May – although most are reluctant to do so publicly. Carl Craig, for example, is fiercely defensive of his friend and mentor – although he’s hesitant to show any of this on his social media pages.

And it appears Atkins has followed the same formula. Indeed, the only person who recently has posted a photo with May is none other than Kevin Saunderson – you know, that much flamed picture at the steak restaurant where the budget didn’t appear to stretch to food.

Forgive us for thinking people were normally proud to be pictured with their friends…

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