That’s one collab we didn’t expect to see! As Tony Touch’s “Apaga La Luz” does rather nicely in the charts, just how DID Louie Vega and David Guetta cross paths?

If you go back far enough in music history, one thing you’ll quickly notice is artist collaborations were few and far between. Most artists – being the egotistical types that they are – preferred to succeed on their own terms, something helped by the fact that artists were often signed to opposing record labels.

This is just one of the many things that has changed immeasurably over the years – and Ears To The House would argue that this is a very good thing. Artists being allowed to go in their own direction is always welcome – but there are times when it leads to some combinations that lead to chronic head scratching.

Such is the case with the current Tony Touch release “Apaga La Luz”, originally released last year, but now with a batch of remixes on Louie Vega’s own label. Translated into English, the title literally reads as “Turn Off The Light” – and the remix pack includes utterly unsurprising inclusions from Louie Vega’s friends, such as David Morales and Mike Dunn.

However, there is one name on the list that somewhat threw us when we saw it. Yep, it was none other than the baguette wielding French superstar that is David Guetta. Which leads to just one question, really – how on earth did that happen?

After all, David Guetta is not just a DJ and a prolific producer – he’s also a businessman. Two years ago, he sold his extensive catalogue to Warner Music in a deal worth $100million – so do the cynics within us just see yet another attempt to connect with the underground here?

A source deep within the dance music world who knows both men told us “David has known Louie since the early 90s. Let’s not forget that David was one of the first to book Masters At Work to play in France. They’re both professionals. Louie understands the power of working with bigger names since he started out, and David likes to go back underground sometimes, too. Just look at the Jackback stuff he did with Defected as evidence.”

“I don’t know all the details about how this remix came about, but I think it was partly luck. I think Louie contacted David at just the right time when there was a gap in his schedule, and it all just came together. As for the remix itself, he’s certainly done a better job than David Morales, who’s just stuck to the same template he’s been using for years now.”.

Whether the other remixers are secretly furious about Guetta’s inclusion potentially overshadowing all of theirs remains a mystery. For now, at least…

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