Strange what three years of silence does to a man! Derrick May has spoken to friends about starting a podcast – and no one can tell whether he’s being serious or not…

It appears that three years of being silent can do strange things to a man – especially when it’s not something that comes naturally to him. But such is the way it’s been for Derrick May over the past while – accused of numerous allegations of sexual abuse, the previously loquacious occasional Detroit DJ has chosen to give almost no interviews since.

So when we first heard of this one, we’ve got to admit to being quite surprised. According to at least two reliable Detroit sources, May has recently been thinking of ways to increase his profile – or, as he curiously put it, “how to connect with a new generation who don’t have a f***ing idea who I am”. And what’s one of the ideas he’s been mulling over?

Podcasting, apparently. One of our sources says “Derrick read something online about how podcasts were big money these days, and he thinks there’s a gap in the dance music market for one that talks about all the big issues. It’s bizarre. He’s identified a real problem in dance music, and I now half suspect he thinks he’s the solution.”.

Whilst another said “Yeah, I’ve heard about this as well. Nothing surprises me with Derrick these days. This is what happens when you don’t have enough to do with your time. Like most of the ideas he conjures up, it’s probably destined to go nowhere. Much like his career these days.”.

As much as your favourite dance music site welcomes people joining our mission to ultimately make this a better scene for everyone, we’re not quite convinced we need May on our side. It certainly isn’t going to make us any nicer about you, Derrick…

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