As Juan Atkins fails to promote new Cybotron release, a reminder there’s STILL a $4000 bounty for anyone who gets footage of the man himself playing – and it’s unclaimed after over a year!

One might imagine that a self-called originator and innovator such as Juan Atkins would be very familiar with the internet. It can be safely stated an innovator would be aware of how the online world has changed over time – for example, when the last Cybotron release in 1995 came out, Newsweek published an article stating that the information superhighway (remember that name?) was basically destined for the dustbin.

Yet judging by Atkins’s approach to promoting the first Cybotron release since Bill Clinton was in the White House, you’d be forgiven for thinking he believes time has stood still. He has given virtually no mentions of his new release on social media, nor has he provided the gushing mainstream dance music press with an interview waxing lyrical about how much of an innovator he thinks he is.

On the whole, Ears To The House considers his strategy to be a little odd. Detroit sources tell us that Atkins was “very angry” after reading articles on this site asking legitimate questions about him. Indeed, we heard from the man himself directly – threatening to sue us for defamation if we continued doing so.

Let us also not forget the vow made by the ever mischievous journalist Michael James. Back in September 2022, he promised to pay $1000 to anyone who could send him filmed footage of Juan Atkins clearly playing keys. He soon doubled his offer to $2000 – before someone in his comments section stumped up more cash.

The bounty now stands at $4000 – and over one year on, this remains unclaimed. Amidst a backdrop of rising costs all around and a generally more difficult economy, one might imagine that $4000 – and all tax free – arriving into a bank account would be a tempting proposition. Yet no one has been able to provide the evidence to date.

Back in February, Ears To The House wrote about this – and a source told us “He can play. I’ve seen him do it. I don’t know why he doesn’t just call out Michael James by posting a video of himself playing some keys on his Facebook page. Juan could even troll James by playing the ‘Strings Of Life’ chord progression and get $4000 out of it. Maybe it’s Juan’s pride stopping him from doing it.”.

No time like the present, Juan…

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