Took you a while to come up with that title, did it? David Morales went on a trip to India, and made a new track called “India” to celebrate – just a pity they’re changing their name to Bharat…

It’s no exaggeration to say that a huge amount of music gets released nowadays. Whilst DJs getting into house music in the late 1980s had a maximum of a few new tracks per week to sift through, they now live in a world where some 100,000 songs are uploaded onto Spotify on a daily basis.

Amidst this climate, it’s vital for artists to think about ways for their music to stand out. One of the more well-used tactics is to associate a song with a story – for example, Adele’s “Easy On Me” is about her divorce. So what happens when the dance music world utilises this same strategy?

To examine this, Ears To The House took a peek at what David Morales is doing. He says he went on a visit to India, and was so inspired by his time there that he decided to create a track. And what did he choose to call this track, to help it stand out with this not very detailed story?

Er… India. We kid you not…

It seems that Morales prefers the no expense spent approach to conjuring up titles for his songs – apparently to be released as part of his Sunday Mass album due out early next year. Indeed, if the other songs on the album will be named after countries he’s played in recently, expect to see tracks called Egypt, Italy, Croatia, and the United Kingdom.

We suspect, however, that the song dedicated to Britain might not be the most upbeat on the album. The last time Morales travelled to Blighty, he ended up being refused entry to a luxury Cartier store in London – proceeding to film a rant posted to Instagram where he made himself look an entitled chump. Here it is in all its glory…

Casting aside the lazy name choice, however, there’s also another problem – that India itself could soon be using a different name. Although the word “India” originates from the Indus River and has been in use since 5th century BCE, officials within the government have recently been using the name Bharat for the country.

Bharat is an ancient Sanskrit name for the country, and there is support within India for changing the name. However, it also has its critics – with opposition leader Rahul Ghandi describing the idea as “absurd”, and accusing prime minister Narendra Modi of using it as a “diversionary tactic”.

Morales may need to rename his song if Modi gets his way. In the meantime, if he feels the need to get more inspiration, his formerly beloved Cartier has a premises in Delhi

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