“How did those c**** find out?”: Derrick May’s camp are annoyed at Ears To The House reporting on a possible Belleville Three comeback – and wait until you hear what else they’ve got to say!

Those of you who read Ears To The House on a regular basis will know that we don’t shy away from the more weighty issues in this scene. Whilst the likes of Mixmag and Resident Advisor have an army of artists, PR people, managers, and advertisers to keep happy, we simply couldn’t care less if the people we write about don’t like the scrutiny.

Back on Sunday, we published an article about a “scoping out exercise” which could lead to a so-called Belleville Three tour taking place in 2024. A source was pretty excoriate in their assessment of the situation, describing the whole thing as “nothing more than a bad f***ing joke” and a “clusterf***”.

It appears that some of those involved in the “scoping out exercise” aren’t happy that this site is now reporting on it. According to one of our sources, plank lover Mike Weston discovered our article yesterday – and his first response was apparently “How the f*** did those c***s find out about this?”.

In the meantime, we’ve received a few further details on how the idea of a Belleville Three tour came about – and the details are so ridiculous that we just can’t resist but publish. According to a few of our Detroit sources, this brainfart first came about at the much-ridiculed dinner that Detroit techno’s self-appointed bigwigs had earlier this year.

That would be the same one where hardly any of them seemed to eat anything, Juan Atkins looked like he was sitting on a child’s booster seat, and Derrick May looked about as pleased to be there as Donald Trump did in that notorious mugshot. Oh, and where Carl Craig was invited as, according to one source, “they needed someone to pay for the meal”.

May is said to be very keen on such a tour happening – not least because he seems to think it’ll mean less scrutiny for him. As for Atkins and Saunderson, a source tells us that “They still think Derrick is a friend, and they do want to support him, but they are a little nervous of how this will be received if it goes ahead. They’re going to have to use every connection they can in order to smooth the press coverage.”.

Will there be any new material on this trip around the world, or will it be the equivalent of a greatest hits tour? Early signs are not good – the so-called Belleville Three have never produced a single track as a trio. They couldn’t manage this during the 1980s, so what chance is there now?

As a friend of the editor charmingly put it – and yes, we’ve got full permission to quote this – “the repertoire of the Belleville Three hasn’t grown at all, ever. The only thing I can see which has is their egos and their waistlines.”. Ouch…

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