Everything must go! As Danny Tenaglia’s auction of his studio equipment ends today, how much money has he made in the process – and just WHEN will he be selling his massive trunk?

Do you feel that your house is cluttered with things you haven’t used in years? If you do, many would respond by having a clear out – deciding what’s really worth keeping, and what it’s best to get rid of. Others might want to do this and even end up on a TV show all about it – take your pick, there’s no shortage of such programmes.

If you’re Danny Tenaglia, however, you contact a two-year old company called Amplifyd and offer to sell nearly all your equipment on there instead. Sure, it involves giving them a 10% cut on everything sold – plus a further 6% for payment processors Stripe – but that’s still 84% more money than you’d have at the beginning, isn’t it?

That particular auction, barring any last-minute change of heart, ends today. So, how’s Tenaglia done? At the time of writing this article, his Roland TR-909 was the most popular item on the list – with the auction currently at $8,900. Not far behind is the EMU SP-1200 at $7000 – the drum machine of choice for many house and hip-hop producers in the 1990s.

And elsewhere, his Roland Juno 106 – another massively popular synthesiser in early 90s house music – is currently running at $2000. How much higher these items will go in any last-minute bidding remains to be seen – but how much money has the auction raised?

Well, bidding for the top six items comes up – at the time of writing – to $24,800. Taking off Amplifyd’s cut of $2,480 and Stripe’s $1,488, that leaves a total of $20,832 – and remember that this doesn’t include the other 38 items available for purchase. Ears To The House has heard that Tenaglia himself is “very happy” with the way things have played out.

Anyone who missed out on this opportunity to bid ridiculous amounts of money for Tenaglia’s hardware need not worry, however. In just a few days’ time, he’s going to put some more items on sale – with a sale of at least some of his vinyl collection due to take place early in the new year.

Amongst items that will be available later this week include a rechargeable flashlight, a CD copy of the 1998 release “Music Is The Answer” with a remix from Fire Island, loads of signed posters – and for some unknown reason, Tenaglia’s first pair of US size 9 (that’s a UK size 8) roller skates.

But sadly, one item which we were very much hoping to see remains elusive – and that would be Danny Tenaglia’s massive trunk, seen in previous promotional videos featuring the man himself.

We live in hope…

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