Detroit’s Omar S accused of smashing a glass over singer Supercoolwicked’s head in alleged $10k royalties dispute – but he claims that SHE threw the first punch…

Yesterday afternoon, a story started circulating on social media concerning two producers from Detroit – Omar S and Supercoolwicked. Inevitably, Ears To The House found out about it – although it wasn’t from any of our sources in the city, but a chance X post that was sent directly to our editor’s phone.

We decided to hold off publication until we had a more complete picture of what happened – after all, our job is to ask questions and to ensure our own information is as accurate as possible. The reason, quite simply, was that the allegations being made by Supercoolwicked – real name Morgan Hutson – were very serious.

She was at Detroit’s Paramita Sound – a record shop and bar – on Saturday night, where she came across fellow producer Omar S – real name Alexander Omar Smith. Hutson alleges that she brought up the subject of royalties with Smith – claiming that she’s owed around $10,000 from various projects she’s done with Smith’s FXHE record label.

According to her Instagram post, Smith responded unfavourably – telling her “f*** you, b***h” and then smashing a glass over her head. Her account of events claims that no less than three men had to pull Smith off her – and shows a number of photos from the aftermath.

So what is Smith’s version of events? Well, it’s quite different to what Hutson has to say – which isn’t really a surprise. Posting on Instagram on Sunday evening, Smith put two photos of himself which were taken at the Henry Ford Hospital on West Grand Boulevard.

In the first picture, Smith has a large bump on the head, whilst the second shows him about to literally get his head examined by the medics. He then begins his account of events by appearing to acknowledge that a dispute does exist between himself and Hutson – although its exact nature is not revealed.

He goes on to explain that it was infact Hutson who attacked him – and says that claims he attacked her are “pure and utterly fabrication”. Smith concludes by calling on those who saw the attack to “tell the story” and on the venue, Paramita Sound, to release any CCTV footage they have of the event.

And here’s what Paramita Sound themselves had to say on the subject…

The response within the Detroit scene to what’s happened has been swift – but Ears To The House can’t help but notice that a number of the biggest players are staying very quiet amidst all this. We’re not going to name any names here, but we can’t help but wonder why they’re choosing to keep their powder dry.

Unless, of course, you’re Kai Alcé – who told Hutson that the incident was “totally unacceptable”, only to thank Smith later for “addressing the issue” and hoping “you are vindicated”…

This isn’t going to ease the ongoing tensions within the city’s scene…

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