“Everything he touches is still turning into s**t!”: Kevin Reynolds’s gamble to go on PBS show with Derrick May backfires as the network makes decision not to broadcast – at least for now…

Ever since multiple allegations of sexual abuse against Derrick May hit the press three years ago, the Detroit techno scene have been far from united in their response. The most common one was to rally behind him in private but to keep well away in public.

Since then, the odd one has come out on his side – Carl Craig was highly supportive initially, whilst Jeffery Eugene Mills and Juan Atkins both did shows with him more recently. But most have just stayed away from the subject – preferring to quietly read about the latest developments from the likes of Michael James or Ears To The House.

In recent weeks, May’s latest attempt at rehabilitating himself with the public took place – an appearance on a show about Detroit techno on the respectable PBS network. But it hasn’t really worked – PBS took that episode off their streaming services after being made aware of the allegations made against him.

Last Thursday, we published an article reporting on exclusive revelations by Michael James. His scoop was that at least one more episode of Detroit Performs had been made featuring Derrick May – and the network had a dilemma. Listings for November 22 – when the second episode was scheduled to air – were not yet available at the time.

Well, they are available now – and we can confirm that May’s next appearance isn’t taking place next Wednesday. After we queried this with PBS, they curtly told Ears To The House that “the episode will not be broadcast next week” – with no comment as to whether the episode will be aired on a future date.

Instead, the 7.30pm slot is occupied by a programme called Detroit Remember When: Holidays At Hudson’s. And whilst PBS are publicly saying nothing about the programme – other than to say it’s not being broadcast next week – we have been privately told that there’s “little chance of it ever happening”.

One of our regular Detroit sources, on hearing the news, simply said “Looks like everything Derrick May touches is still turning into s**t, then. He’s annoyed Kevin, Juan, Drummer B, and now Kevin Reynolds. He used to be the guy everyone looked up to, now he’s just a liability. It’s pathetic.”.

Added to the fact we gather that May currently has no further gigs scheduled in for this year, and a rather glum picture continues to emerge…

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