That’s another one returning to the day job! Solomon (the Golden Sachs one, not Mr Human Diazepam) announces retirement from DJing citing “media attraction” as a “distraction” from his work…

As practical minded a bunch that we generally are at Ears To The House, there’s sometimes something to be said for pursuing your dreams. Some of those dreams are small but significant to the person who has it. Some are more philanthropic and could benefit a lot of other people – and then there are some which somewhat defy categorisation.

Take the case of David Michael Solomon. He’s had a very long career in banking – having started out in the mid-80s and eventually became the chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs in October 2018. But making tonnes of money – he was paid around £32million last year alone – isn’t his only interest in life.

For Solomon – not to be confused with Mladen “Human Diazepam” Solomun, his near namesake – also has a love of DJing and remixing records that virtually no one else gets to. For instance, he was allowed to do an official remix of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston last year, a privilege only given to one other person – the highly connected Junior Vasquez back in 1996.

Here’s how Solomon got on. We apologise in advance…

A frequent grumble these days is that anyone can make it in the dance music world if they’ve got money – and it does sometimes seem that talent often isn’t the top criteria in this industry. But in a sign that this adage might not be entirely true, Solomon has had to give it up – and go back to his day job making lots of money at Golden Sacks, sorry, Goldman Sachs.

A rather grumpy spokesperson for the company confirmed the news, stating “David hasn’t publicly DJed an event in well over a year, which we have confirmed multiple times in the past… Music was not a distraction from David’s work. The media attention became a distraction.”.

If only we could all blame the media when our dreams don’t work out…

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