EXCLUSIVE: One of Detroit techno’s biggest OGs is thinking of leaving the city – telling friends he’s “sick and tired” of all the infighting and pondering a move across the Atlantic…

It’s been yet another week that the world of Detroit techno would rather forget – a week where the focus was on things other than the music. Derrick May’s appearance on a now-deleted PBS show is being slated by his own supporters, Alexander Omar Smith is accused of carrying out a serious assault, and Ash Lauryn is now distancing herself from her former friends.

All in all, the words “rats deserting a sinking ship” keep coming to mind – and let’s hope the world of Detroit house and techno is all the better for it. There are a lot of people in the scene who don’t get the attention they should – and it’s mostly because of the egos of those who should know better.

However, it appears that one person high up within the Detroit techno world has decided that he’s had enough – and Ears To The House has learned that he’s seriously considering leaving the city which he’s lived in for decades. The person – whom we are not naming at this stage – has been involved in the scene for over 30 years.

A source with knowledge of the matter – and we’ve been able to confirm it with others – told us “Yeah, [name redacted] has been thinking about this for a while, but last week’s events have really focused his mind. He’s sick and tired of the endless infighting in the city’s scene, and he’s at the stage where he’s thinking about moving away. Being associated with these people is bad business. I know he already owns a place in Europe, and if this goes on much longer, I can see him deciding to go over the Atlantic.”.

The person in question has so far remained quiet on the Detroit’s scenes latest bout of blood-letting…

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