As another Thanksgiving Day begins in America, Detroit’s techno scene goes unseen at the city’s parade today (wonder who’s to blame for that?) – but plans might be afoot to remedy this in 2024…

Today is the fourth Thursday in November – and at the time of publication, America is just starting to wake up to another Thanksgiving Day. For many, it’s the beginning of a lead-up to Christmas and the New Year – with just 32 days until the big festivities.

Many will celebrate today by having a large Thanksgiving dinner with their families and friends. Some might choose to visit church services, and others could decide to attend one of the numerous parades that take place across the USA today – and one of the country’s biggest takes place in Detroit.

Last year, Derrick May was due to appear on a float at the Thanksgiving Day parade – a plan that ended up being scuppered less than 24 hours before the event happened. Ultimately, the decision to remove him from the lineup was taken due to a number of sponsors expressing concern about it – in the end, Juan Atkins did not appear, either.

The result? This year, Detroit techno remains, barring some last-minute surprise, entirely unrepresented at today’s parade. A well-placed source told us a few weeks ago that discussions on doing something this year did briefly take place over the summer – but the idea never progressed beyond that stage.

However, Ears To The House has been told that plans are now being discussed over organising a float for the 2024 parade. No formal submissions have been made to the organisers at this point – but it’s understood the plan would involve a far wider variety of people representing the genre past and present.

There are, however, one or two potential problems that could yet derail the plan. The first is what some define as the contentious history of Thanksgiving Day – one Detroit source told us last year that “These three have said loads of times that racism is the reason they’re not millionaires, and that they’d be more successful if they were white. But here they are taking part in a parade for a festival covered in the same colonialism and racism they usually get angry about.”.

And the other? It’s basically the fact that some of those from Detroit techno’s early days don’t really like sharing the spotlight with others – meaning that a clash of the egos could potentially thwart the scheme. Not exactly a new story, to say the least…

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